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Chinese cuisine, ranging from traditional Mandarin style cooking to Hong Kong Cantonese dishes.
This stylish but casual eatery has become a favorite of its hip Chinese and expatriate regulars. Shanghainese food is the mainstay, but just about everthing is on the menu.
For those craving comfort food, Chinese-style, Bai's is the place to go.
Shenfeng Chicken as a special local product of Shanghai and Taicang is also a distinguished Shanghai style cuisine.
The place is usually crowded and sometimes you'll find up to 300 people trying to squeeze in.
Originally, from Hong Kong, this extremely popular franchise is well-known for its dim sum and traditional Cantonese dishes.
As you're seated, a waiter will pour you Sichuan tea in the traditional style from a pot with a foot-long spout. The cooking is home-style Shanghainese, with the seafood dishes standing out.
This exclusive restaurant in the Grand Hyatt serves formal Cantonese food with precision.
Shanghai's state-owned jiaozi-land, with over 100 types of steamed dumplings.
This restaurant's elegant setting and excellent service complement its superb Chaozhou dishes. The core seafood offerings are creatively prepared, the poultry dishes are hearty.
Chinese Restaurant in Le Garcon Chinois
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